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Each pin on this map represents a site for a food garden. Watch and get involved in community garden projects near you!

What it all means

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Active: There is an active food garden at this site. Get involved!

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Proposed: People are working to start a food garden at this site. You can keep an eye on its progress by "watching" it.

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Potential: This site could become a food garden! Sign in to start watching it and organizing your new community garden.

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Unsuitable: Someone identified this as a potential food garden site, but unfortunately it's not suitable. Click the marker to find out why.

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Unknown: We don't know much about this site but are working hard to find out more.

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We believe everyone should have access to great local food. At 3000 Acres, we're trying to bridge the gap between people who want to grow food, and local councils and other organisations who hold the keys to vacant land.

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